Athletic track and facilities for all levels.

Athletics at the all-weather Saxton Field track and field facility involves running, jumping, throwing, and walking activities. Other areas of the complex provide opportunities for road running/walking and cross-country training and events. Our Athletics track is situated nicely between Nelson & Richmond and provides activities for children all the way through to masters level.

Athletics Nelson (Thursdays) and Athletics Richmond (Tuesdays) have children’s clubs based at the track that provide summer programs of coaching in the basics of running, jumping, and throwing, and opportunities to enjoy the experience and gain the confidence to compete at any level they wish. Along with other children’s clubs in the top of the South Island they host interclub events that include children from Marlborough, Motueka and Takaka clubs.

Athletics Tasman Inc (the Tasman Centre of Athletics NZ) presents a program of track and field meets for juniors, seniors, and master’s athletes. As the only registered senior club with Athletics NZ in Nelson-Tasman, Athletics Nelson works closely with Athletics Tasman to provide opportunities for coaching, training, and competition for their juniors, seniors, and masters interested in track and field.

Athletics Nelson and Waimea Harriers also work in partnership to provide a year-round program of road, cross-country, mountain, and trail running events for runners and walkers – from recreational to competitive. There is also a winter cross-country program for primary, intermediate, and college aged students. These programs include events that utilise areas with the Saxton Field complex and adjacent shared pathways.