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Kids Bike Park Nelson

Learn to ride a bike or scooter at the Saxton Velodrome

Saxton’s Learn to Ride Track is the perfect safe environment to practice your tricycle, bike, and scooter skills. There are roundabouts, road signs, and street markings to keep you on your toes (and encourage you to keep left!).

All the while, the big kids can whizz around on the main track!

Our kids bike park is part of the Nelson Velodrome, young ones can learn to ride safely while being inspired by older children or adults who race above them. The areas are separated by a fence so that those who are learning to ride their bike are safe and can focus on their own ride.

Learn to Ride Park highlights: 

  • Smoothly tar sealed road mimics real-life environments, complete with street markings and road signs. 
  • Enjoy the picturesque environment of Saxton Field while your young ones burn off their energy and learn to ride their bikes or scooter safely. 
  • Make it a trip and stop by one of our scenic spots for a picnic


Find Nelson’s Learn to Ride Park

The Learn to Ride Park & Kids bike park is in the centre of the Velodrome. There is a tunnel entrance so you don't need to cross the Velodrome track.

The Velodrome is located alongside Avery Field. If traveling by car, you need to use the Champion Road entrance.

Please note that the Champion Road entrance is blocked just beyond the Velodrome. This means that vehicles cannot access the Velodrome from the entrances on Main Road Stoke and Saxton Road.