Mother and daughter having a picnic.  People kicking a ball in the background

Picnics in the Park

Picnics at Saxton Field

There are plenty of lovely spots for picnics in Nelson, and especially at Saxton Field. Whether you're after a shady spot under a tree, a spot close to the kids playground, or somewhere to watch the ducks splash about in Orphanage Stream.

There are toilets in the Football Pavilion, and at Avery Field (near Saxton Road).

 Saxton’s Secluded Picnic Spots Highlights:

  • The park is meticulously maintained and there are many ideal picnic spots situated throughout the park
  • With a vast array of free facilities, playgrounds, and recreational offerings, add to your picnic experience by exploring what Saxton Field has to offer

Find where to have a picnic

Find a place on the green field or a shady spot under a tree.